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Year in and year out, Christ's College receives talented students from across the world, who have been chosen to study here based solely on their academic ability and potential. To ensure that we can continue to offer this, we need to not only attract the best, no matter their background, but also be able to offer them the financial support that they need to complete their course with confidence. And to do that, we need your support. 
 Student Support Fund Bursaries are life changing for our students, allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits, without the fear of being unable to afford their course, or an unexpected expense causing them problems. This financial assistance is essential, especially with the rising prices of tuition fees, up to £9,250 a year for current students.

"From books to Balls, my bursary has made my experience at Christ's match that of my peers, allowing me to focus on my studies rather than my bank balance. For this, I am extremely grateful."

Nancy, Third Year 

"I’m sincerely thankful for the opportunities this gift has afforded me. The bursary allows me to cover my living costs without always worrying how I pay for the next bill, so instead I can focus on studying and enjoying university life." 

Fourth Year Natural Scientist

£52 a month (with Gift Aid) over three years would provide an annual rent bursary

£30 a month (with Gift Aid) over three years would fund two residential places each year

Access Fund

Our Admissions department runs a wide range of events, from school events, to subject taster days, as well as residentials at the College; all aimed at those who would not normally think that Cambridge was for them. On average, each residential costs the College £10,000, but the impact it has on the students' confidence is invaluable.


"The prospect of applying to Cambridge now seems less intimidating and I can see that I would be able to fit in here if I were to apply"

"I now know that the colleges are a very supportive community and that finances should not be worried about"

LPN Summer School Attendees

"My highlights of the trip were the 'Maths in Everyday Objects' talk, maths with Imre and the NRICH problem solving afternoon. It was so entertaining and fun to see where a degree in maths could take me - into giving great lectures and writing books which is something I would love to do!"

Libby, 'Women in Maths' Residential Attendee

"Having benefitted from the Student Support and Access funds during my time at Cambridge, I strongly believe in the importance of supporting these Funds as alumni. I would highly encourage everyone to show their support in any way that they can."

Mrs Fazeleh Arjmandilari (m.2010)

If you would like more information about our Student Support and Access Funds, or for other ways to give, contact the department on, or 01223 334 919.