One of the most important aspects of the Old Library's custodianship of its collections is the conservation of the books. Sponsoring one or more books ensures that they can be preserved for future generations. In return for your sponsorship, a personalised book-plate with your name in it is inserted into the book, and you will receive an individual conservation report outlining the work undertaken.

Sponsorable books range across the entire span of our collections, in both time and subject matter: from an eighteenth-century guide to the animals of the world (both real and fantastical), to prophecies about future Popes printed in Venice in 1589.

Due to the current ongoing building work in College, our Sponsor a Book scheme is currently being redeveloped for 2023, to focus on those in most use at this time. Please look forward to a new brochure this Summer with further details.

Costs of sponsorship depend on the book, and range from around £250 for cleaning and repairs to £500+ for more extensive restorations. We also offer the option to sponsor a book as a gift, or with another person, such as a partner.

If you are interested in sponsoring a book, please contact the Alumni Officer:

Telephone: 01223 (7)66710
Postal address: Alumni Relations Officer, Christ's College, St Andrew's Street, Cambridge, CB2 3BU, UK