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Bi-annual Conference Webinar

23 April 2022 14.00 – 16.00

College Medical Alumni Association & Christ’s College Medical Society

The Christ’s College Medical Alumni Association (CCMAA), along with the Christ’s College Medical Association had hoped to be able to have a Bi-annual Conference in person this spring. However, while there were signs earlier in the year that the number of Coronavirus cases was declining, we have seen a rise in case numbers, hospitalisations and deaths driven by the Omicron variant BA.2. As some of our speakers and potential attendees are in higher risk groups the CCMAA officers have decided to convert the Conference into a webinar event for 2022.

The date is 23 April 2022, starting at 14:00 and concluding at 16.00. In order to make this possible over an afternoon webinar format we have decided to focus on the Prevention Health and Wellbeing theme with an eye on our recent experiences with the pandemic and how we think about the different approaches to prevention. There will be an opportunity for Q&A after each speaker.

Registering for the Conference is easy and of course is a free event to Christ’s College students, staff and alumni. To register for this event please click here.


14.00:      President’s Welcome & Announcements   

                        Dr Tony Jewell (m. 1969) - CCMAA President

14.05-14.15:      Tim Heymann Memorial Travel Prize Awards 2019 & 2020

Prevention, Health and Wellbeing - how do we think about it?

Chair:  Dr Tony Jewell

14.15-14.45:      Protecting health: the HPV story

                        Professor Margaret Stanley OBE (Fellow) Emeritus Professor of Epithelial Biology, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge.

14.45-15.15       Protecting health: Changing minds about changing behaviour

                        Professor Dame Theresa Marteau DBE FMedSci (Bye Fellow) Emeritus Professor of Epithelial Biology, Department of Pathology. Director, Behaviour and Health Research Unit, Department of Public Health and Primary Care University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. Associate Fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy.

15.15-15.30:      Preventing brain injuries and their sequelae

                        Dr Judith Allanson (m. 1980). Consultant in Neurological Rehabilitation, Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

15.30-15.45         Prevention and the NHS

                        Dr John Barber (m. 2003) National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow at the CQC. Senior Clinical Fellow in Prevention Team at NHS England.

15.45- 16.00      Q&A and Discussion - Prevention priorities - what have we learned from the pandemic?

16.00              Summary & Close

 Past events

The Christ’s College Medical Alumni Association (CCMAA), along with the Christ’s College Medical Association and the Development Office are very happy to invite all alumni to the first webinar of the 2021-2022 academic year. The event will take place Thursday 25 November 2021 from 17:00 to 18:30 GMT. The webinar will be hosted by Dr Tony Jewell, President CCMAA.
This is the third webinar in our series discussing Christ’s College and COVID, undertaken as part of this programme. The first two were held just before and after Easter 2021 and covered how the College, University and local NHS managed the pandemic, the development of the novel vaccines, the epidemiology of the pandemic and advising government via SAGE. Both webinars had about 100 Alumni and current students attending and were very well received.
There remain some topics that we have not yet discussed. This third webinar will seek to cover some of the more common questions. Our panel and their titles includes:
•    Prof Julian Tang (m 1986), Professor of Respiratory Sciences at University of Leicester; To Mask or not to Mask – that is the question.
•    Dr Lucy Jessop (m 1995), Director of Public Health at the National Immunisation Office ROI; Reflections on the successful rollout of the national immunisation programme in Ireland.
•    Prof Paul Moss (m 1980), Deputy Head of the College of Medical and Dental Sciences and Professor of Haematology at the University of Birmingham; The immune response to SARS-CoV-2-lessons from the UK Immunology Consortium.
•    Prof Theresa Marteau DBE FMedSci (Bye-Fellow), Director Behaviour and Health Research Unit University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Science in the time of COVID: Reflections on the event’s research programme.
There will be time for questions following the talks.
To book for this event, click here.


Due to current Government advice The Christ’s College Medical Alumni Association Conference and Dinner did not take place in 2021. Instead The Christ’s College Medical Alumni Association (CCMAA), along with the Christ’s College Medical Association held two webinars.


These remote zoom events took take place over two Saturdays, the first being Saturday 27 March 2021 from 16:00 to 17:30 GMT. The second, on Saturday 10 April at the same time. Both events will be hosted by Dr Tony Jewell, President CCMAA.


The first event focused on how the College managed during the pandemic, as well as the innovative asymptomatic testing programme organised by the University, and how the local NHS and surrounding area experienced the pandemic.  Speakers for the 27 March event included: the Senior Tutor (Dr Robert Hunt), Dr Mike Knapton (m. 1977, Non-Exec Director of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), and both a pre-clinical and a clinical medical student.


The next event on 10 April 2021 discussed how Christ’s College Alumni  contributed to the national and international pandemic response through their provision to research and development.


Speakers include: Prof Paul Elliot (m 1972) (Imperial College, London) who  discussed Assessing the pandemic - the REACT (Real-time Assessment of Community Transmission) study; Dr Maheshi Ramasamy (m 1995) (Oxford vaccine Group) who spoke on developing a novel vaccine; Prof Sarah Walker (m 1990) Oxford University and Office of National Statistics (ONS) discussed the epidemiology of the C-19 infection and vaccine immunity; and finally Prof Dame Theresa Marteau DBE FMedSci, FAcSS Christs’s College and Cambridge University who spoke on her role advising the government through SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) and other means. There was a moderated discussion following the talks. 

Any questions please contact the Alumni Relations Officer in the Development Office on 01223 766710 or email: alumni@christs.cam.ac.uk.


The CCMAA Conference and Dinner Saturday April 14th 2018

The biannual CCMAA conference in April was focused on the themes of ‘Ethics, the Law and Patient’s Choice’ We had a good attendance of Christ’s College Alumni as well as a smattering of current medical students. We were delighted that the Master of Christ’s, Professor Jane Stapleton, joined us and provided an introductory talk about her academic career. Her academic life started with a Chemistry degree and research but then moved into tort Law with many areas touching medico-legal issues such as compensation for the harm from some pharmaceutical treatments and cancer. Her publications include ‘Diseases and the compensation debate’ (1986) and ‘Products liability’ (1994). She is also co-editor of the OUP Clarendon Law Series. So what had been timetabled as an introduction to alumni turned into a very interesting and informed contribution to the debate!


At the start of the Conference there was a brief report on the work of the CCMAA Committee and the President Dr Tony Jewell (m1969) was able to report that the finances were in good shape with an overall balance of £32,000 of which £11,600 is ring fenced for the Tim Heymann Memorial Travel Prize bequest. We have two new Patrons appointed – Professor Martin Johnson and Prof Sir Keith Peters who are both very distinguished academics in their fields and have supported the CCMAA from the early days. It was also reported that Dr Jonathan Gillard has agreed to act as our Treasurer and that Dr David Thomas was to stand down as Secretary to focus on his rapidly growing medical research endeavours with the Wellcome Trust Fellowship Award. Following the Conference we are delighted that Dr Isabel Huang Doran, a newly appointed Christ’s College Fellow, has stepped in as our new Secretary.  Finally we are always looking to create opportunities for alumni to interact with current medical students and having some financial resource helps to encourage their participation. You can make a donation using the DONATE button at the top of the page, and there are Gift Aid benefits for UK donors.


The provisional date for our next biannual conference is 18th April 2020.


The first Tim Heymann Memorial Travel Prize was awarded at the Conference to Alisha Cheuhan who received the cheque and provided us with a short power point supported talk about her elective in New South Wales, Australia. A report of her elective is provided elsewhere on this website but we were delighted to hear about the positive experience Alisha had and that Tim’s widow Amanda Rowlatt and members of her family were present to hear the talk and join the presentation and award Alisha her cheque.


Following the Master’s introductory talk and the prize presentation we heard from Kevin Turner FRCS (m1987) who following his initial training at Christ’s did further training in Oxford, Edinburgh and Melbourne being currently appointed as a Consultant Urologist in Bournemouth. During his training he was elected as Hunterian Professor of the RCS for his research into kidney cancer, is co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Urological Surgery and examines for the FRCS. For this Conference Kevin focussed on his advocacy work to support surgeons when ‘things go wrong’. He has conducted research into how surgeons are affected and explores how resilience can be taught so that surgeons are prepared for these rare events and can make a distinction between errors and complications. His power point slideshow is available on the website.


Following Kevin, we had Dr Larry Amure (m1976) reflecting on ‘Simon’s Choice’, which was the subject of a BBC documentary about Simon Binner (m 1976) who died of Motor Neurone Disease in the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland. Larry was a contemporary of Simon’s and had kept up with Simon each year when the Christ’s College friendship group met. As a GP, Larry was in a unique position to discuss the difficult choices that were being made by Simon and within his wider family and friends. The DVD of the BBC programme was screened before the Conference and on the Sunday morning and we are grateful to Larry for attending these screenings and discussing key issues. We hold a copy of the DVD to loan out to Alumni if interested – please contact the officers. Larry referred to a useful BMJ publication ‘Assisted Dying – why is the profession so out of step with the public?’ (BMJ 10th Feb 2018)


Following on from Larry we heard from Dr Tom Boyd (m1970) who is a General Practitioner Expert Witness. He was a principal in GP for 30 years and was involved in the MRCGP examinations and was an Associate Postgraduate Dean. Since then has worked as a GP locum and developed his expertise in medico legal matters. He has built up a huge experience having provided over 1400 reports on medico legal matters to claimant’s solicitors, medical defence organisations, the GMC, Crown Prosecution Services and others. Tom drew on this wealth of experience to steer an interactive session ‘Reasonable and responsible clinical practice – you decide’ The audience was drawn into debating the various case studies and the votes were not unanimous!


The final plenary session was Chaired by Prof Theresa Marteau a Fellow of the College, on specific propositions from the day. The speakers formed the panel to respond and the Chair of the students Medical Society, Jasmine Bawa joined in too. There was no shortage of views from the panel and audience, which shows why this area of discourse is so important.


The Conference dinner in College was the usual high standard and Dr Mike Knapton (m1977) delivered the after dinner speech which drew on some of his experiences as a GP, guiding patients through their end of life experience in a perceptive and sensitive way. Dr Arnold Fertig (m1968) delivered the vote of thanks for what had proved to be a very stimulating day.


One of the speakers Dr Robert Weir QC  (m1988) had been unable to complete his journey following a RTA which thankfully he escaped injury. He has kindly agreed to attend College to talk about “Medical negligence – ethics and the law’ in the autumn. The date and time and place will be posted on the website and advertised in College.

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