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 Boathouse Redevelopment

Christ’s College boathouse, built in 1887, is the oldest wooden-framed boathouse on the River Cam, and a familiar landmark.

The increased importance of land based training in what is becoming more of a professionalised sport has resulted in extra training facilities being shoehorned into a boathouse that to date still lacks adequate separate changing facilities for both male and female crews.

It is therefore in serious need of upgrade and expansion if it is to avoid further decay and be fit for purpose for the next hundred years, and beyond.

Naming opportunities

Every donor who pledges over £10,000 to the project will be given the opportunity to have their name displayed alongside fellow donors inside the boathouse. Naming opportunities of key internal rooms, in recognition of larger gifts, are also available.

To learn more about the project, and to donate, use the links at the top of the page.


Rebecca Pitcaithly
Senior Development Officer
+44 (0) 1223 761492


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We are delighted to announce that due to the generosity of our alumni, supporters and particularly Dr Yusuf Hamied, we have reached the fundraising target for Phase One of the boathouse redevelopment.  We are now in discussions with the architects and the construction team in order to go out to tender and begin the construction timeline.  Following the advice from these early conversations we are now pushing forward with raising the funds for Phase Two, in order to combine the construction of both Phases together.

Phase One is the demolition of the current one storey VIIIs shed with the construction of a new steel building echoing the profile of the existing boathouse.  This will contain extended boat bays and a large erg and multi-purpose training room.

Phase Two will see the redecoration and refurbishment of the existing boathouse.  In which the bathrooms and changing facilities will be refreshed and upgraded for both the men and the women.

Visit the Boat Club's website for more information and news.