Distinguished Members

Christ’s commitment to free-thinking and high-achieving across many disciplines and interests has generated a range of graduates who have made major and varied contributions to the intellectual, social, artistic and sporting life of the world. Please note that this list is a work-in-progress and should by no means be considered exhaustive.

Politics & Government

Chief Simeon Adebo (1913-1994) - Nigerian Politician
Zeid al-Hussein (1964-) - former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Ponnambalan Arunachalam (1853-1924) - Ceylon Tamil Civil Servant
Earl Mountbatten of Burma (1900-1979) - Supreme Commander South East Asia and Viceroy of India
James Chuter Ede (1882-1965) - Home Secretary
Matt Hancock (MP) (1978-) - UK Politician
John Healey (MP) (1960-) - UK Politician
Heng Swee Keat (1961-) - Singaporean politician
Lim Hng Kiang (1954-) - Singaporean politician
Thomas Nelson Jnr. (1738-1789) - Politician who signed the American Declaration of Independence
Davidson Nicol (1924-1994) - Sierra Leonean Doctor, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations  
Jan Smuts (1870-1950) - Founding influence on League of Nations (UN) and Chancellor of the University
Charles (C. P.) Snow (1905-1980) - Novelist and civil servant
Sir Oliver Wright (1922-2009) - Diplomat and Ambassador 


Patrick Coghlin (1945-) Lord Justice of Appeal in Northern Ireland
Patrick Devlin (1905-1992) Lawyer, Judge, Jurist, Law Lord and life peer

Amar Nath Grover (1912-1933) Jurist, Judge and chairman of the Press Council of India.
Alexander Irvine of Lairg (1940-) Former Lord Chancellor
Sahibzada Aftab Ahmad Khan (1867-1930) Lawyer, Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Univeristy, India
Martin Moore-Bick (1946-) Lord Justice of Appeal


John Burrow (1935-2009) Modern Historian
David Cannadine (1950-) Historian and broadcaster
Linda Colley (1949-) Historian
J. P. Kenyon (1927-1996) Modern Historian
John Leland (c.1506-1552) - Father of English history
Jack Plumb (1911-2001) Historian, entrepreneur and Master of Christ's
Roy Porter (1946-2002) Historian
Simon Schama (1945-) Historian and broadcaster

The Arts

Auguste Bréal (1868-1941) Painter
Clare Burnett (1964-) Artist and sculptor
Anthony Caro (1924-2013) Sculptor
Rachel Chaplin (1980-) Baroque oboist and researcher
Tom de Freston - Artist
Colin Dexter (1930-2017) Writer of the Inspector Morse series of books
Edward Docx (1972-) Author
Adetomiwa Edun (1984-)  Actor    
Dee Ferris (1973-) Artist
Lachlan Goudie (1976-) Painter, writer and presenter
James Hilton (1900-1954) Novelist 
Sarah Howe (1983-) Poet
Phillip King (1934- 2021) Sculptor
Issam Kourbaj Artist and sculptor
John Milton (1608-1674) Poet
Annilese Miskimmon (1974-) Opera director
Helen Mort (1985-) Poet
Sukanya Rajaratnam (1974-) Art Curator
Charles Saumarez Smith (1954-) Cultural historian. Secretary of the Royal Academy of Arts, Director of the National Portrait Gallery, Director of the National Gallery
Nicholas Serota (1946-) Director of the Tate Gallery  
Jeffrey Tate (1943-2017) Conductor                                                                     

Media & Television

Sacha Baron Cohen (1971-) Satirist and actor
Jasmine Birtles (1962-) TV Presenter, commentator, journalist
Nina Gold (1964-) Casting Director
Natalie Haynes (1974-) Comedian and journalist
Duncan Kenworthy (1949-) Director and producer
Rowley Leigh (1950-) Chef, restauranteur, journalist
Gautam Malkani (1976-) Journalist and prize-winning novelist
Jane Martinson (1967-) Journalist
Chris Mason (1980-) - BBC Political Reporter and Brexit Commentator
Miles Millar (1967-) Screenwriter, producer
John Oliver (1977-) Comedian and broadcaster
Andy Parsons (1967-) Comedian
James Reynolds (1974 -) BBC Correspondent Rome
Sathnam Sanghera (1976-) Journalist and novelist
Richard Whiteley (1943-2005) Television presenter

Science & Maths

Jagadis Chandra Bose (1858-1937) - Pioneer of electro- magnetic waves
John Clark (1951-2004) - Pioneer of the genetic modification of livestock
Charles Darwin (1809-1882) - Biologist and naturalist
Martin Evans (1941-) Biologist and Nobel Laureate
Alfred Cort Haddon (1855-1940) - Father of modern anthropology
Duncan Haldane (1951-) Physicist and Nobel Laureate
Yusuf Hamied (1936- ) Chemist and industrialist
Tony Hunter (1943-) American Cancer Society Professor
William Lee (1563-1614) Inventor
Francis (Tibby) Marshall (1878-1949) - Father of mammalian reproduction  
Anne McLaren (1927-2007) - Scientist and quiet revolutionary
J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) - Father of the Atomic Bomb
Lord Todd (1907-1997) Nobel Laureate, chemist and 32nd Master of Christ's
Conrad Hal Waddington (1905-1975) - Developmental biologist and geneticist
Erik Christopher Zeeman (1925-2016) - Mathematician 

Business and Economics

Ian Cheshire (1959-) British Businessman
Jonathan Galassi (1949-) Businessman and poet
David Ross Granger (1903-2002) Businessman
Mike Lynch (1965-) Businessman and technology entrepreneur
James Meade (1907-1995) - British economist and Nobel Prize winner
Martin Sorrell (1945-) Business leader

Theology & Religion

William Paley (1743-1805) - Creationist author of 'Natural Theology' which contains a very early presentation of the watchmaker analogy
Rowan Williams (1950-) 104th Archbishop of Canterbury and Master of Magdelene College, Cambridge from 2013-2020


Ian Balding (1938-) Racehorse trainer
Paul Bircher (1928-2019) Olympic rowing silver medalist
Nicholas English (1978-) Olympic Rower
John Horsman (1934-2020) Car Racing
Gilbert Jessop (1874-1955) Cricketer and record batsman
Rowan Kitt (1968-) International Rugby Referee
Tony Lewis (1938-) Former England Cricket Captain
Steve Palmer (1968-) Footballer
James "Jim" Roberts (1932-2020) England Rugby player
Ian Robertson (1945-) Rugby commentator
Swaranjit Singh (1930-2019) Cricketer
Kieran West (1977-) Olympic Rowing Gold medallist
William "Bill" Windham (1926-2021) Team GB Olympic Rower and European Rowing Champion