"Christ's A Cambridge College Over Five Centuries" (2005) £7.00


Edited by David Reynolds, with contributions by John Burrow, David Cannadine, Barrie Dobson, Roy Porter, Simon Schama, Quentin Skinner and Barry Supple. 








"The Origin of Species"-Darwin, and "Paradise Lost"-Milton. £40.00


Boxed set Folio-Style Special Edition for Christ's College 

"Two Views of Creation: Milton and Darwin" (2006) £1.50 (pamphlet)

Professor Sir Paul Nurse, FRS Nobel Laureate







"Visions of Oxford and Cambridge" - £19.95

Contemporary Watercolours’ definitive Oxbridge collection of paintings produced over the last twenty-five

years, of the Colleges and University buildings of Oxford and Cambridge. This book can only be purchased

from the Contemporary Watercolours website.




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