Alumni Reunions

Alumni Reunions exist to bring together alumni to enjoy a return to College and reconnect with old friends. Unfortunately, the normal rotation of Year Group Reunions for 2020 have been cancelled due to the pandemic. We are planning to hold reunions by Zoom in September 2020. We have tentative dates for 2021 saved that will incorporate more year groups in order to gather all of you together. 

The Alumni Year Group Reunions for 2020 are as follows:

Saturday 12 September: Zoom Reunion for alumni who matriculated up to and including 1961.

Saturday 26 September: Zoom Reunion Dinner for alumni who matriculated from 1966 through 1970 inclusive.

The 26 September Reunion coincides with the University of Cambridge's Alumni Festival Weekend. For more information or to book for events please go to: . This event will also be held remotely.

The Alumni Reunions planned for 2021:

26 June 2021 Reunion Garden Party for Matriculation years 1963 through 1974 inclusive

3 July 2021 Association Dinner 

17 September 2021 Alumni Reunion for all matriculation years up to 1962 and those from 1971

25 September 2021 Alumni Reunion for Matriculaation years 1975 through 1979 inclusive