Christ's Marshall Scholarship

Since 1962, students have come to Christ's on prestigious Marshall Scholarships, both enriching the academic life of the College, and receiving the opportunity to thrive academically and personally, with the new perspective provided by a Christ's education.

Now, in partnership with the Marshall Commission, we are delighted to be able to offer a Christ's specific Marshall Scholarship, allowing intellectually distinguished American graduates the chance to study here for postgraduate courses without financial burdens.


Alexandra Rowlands
Development Director
+44 (0) 1223 748856


Cambridge in America

This scholarship is the result of a fee waiver partnership between the College and the Marshall Commission, part funded by both bodies, which will allow for one Marshall Scholarship student to study at Christ's each year, without fees. The scholarship also provides book, thesis, and research grants, alongside a travel allowance, ensuring the student can make the most of their time in England, as well as on their chosen course.

In order for us to fund this exciting opportunity, the College requires £23,361 a year to meet our half of the partnership. If you are interested in supporting this, either for our current Marshall Scholar or future students, please contact the Development Director, Alexandra Rowlands, at, or you can make a gift via Cambridge in America.


Our Current Marshall Scholars

Jack Brake (m. 2019)
PhD Candidate in Politics and International Studies

"I am deeply grateful for the support I have received through the Marshall Scholarship. I look forward to taking advantage of the wealth of opportunity's at Christ's over the course of my three years, and to someday paying forward, as best as I am able, the generosity from which I have benefited."

Jack, born in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, came to Christ's in 2019. Having excelled in his education so far, including graduating from the University of Virginia's Politics Honors programme, and the Spanish Distinguished Majors programme, as well as interning at the State Department's Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, we look forward to what he is able to accomplish at Cambridge.

Alongside his research on prestige and status in international politics, Jack has found time to immerse himself in College life, taking part in the Chapel Choir, as well as the Boat Club, and is a Managing Editor for the Cambridge Review of International Affairs.


Chloe King (m. 2021)
MPhil Student in Conservation Leadership

"The Marshall Scholarship has given me the opportunity to further solidify my passion and better understand how I can use my skillset to drive positive conservation action at both local and global scales. I don't know yet what the future has in store for me, but I know already that the Marshall Commission has changed my life and its trajectory irrevocably. I am incredibly grateful to the generous donors for their commitment to a new generation of leaders working to solve the world's problems."

Chloe arrived at Christ's in Michaelmas 2021, as COVID restrictions were beginning to loosen, having previously completed an MSc in Marine Systems and Policies at the University of Edinburgh. A major change from lockdowns and uncertainty, it was the atmosphere and life of Cambridge, and the College, that struck her most on first arrival.

During her course, Chloe will get the opportunity to hear from CEOs and Directors of conservation organisations around the globe, giving her the skills and experiences to invest in her personal interest in enhancing marine protection and its role in solving climate change.