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 Sporting Awards Fund


Alexandra Rowlands
Development Director
+44 (0) 1223 748856

Through the generosity of its alumni, the College is able to offer annually a number of awards to its students who have displayed outstanding aptitude at one or more Blue or Half-Blue Sports, to enable them to participate without financial hardship. The most prestigious awards carry the names of A.C. Blyth, W. Blyth, Richard de la Hoyde, Garry Owen, Derek Wilson, Leslie Quie, and Wilfred Wooller.

The continued support of our alumni towards this fund ensures our students can continue to participate in College and University Sports regardless of financial background.

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By contributing to the General Endowment, you will be ensuring the security of the College’s future by helping us build a sustainable and resilient source of income. This ensures that the College’s high standards of teaching and research will be maintained, the College’s historic buildings are protected, and life at Christ’s is continued for generations to come.
The Endowment Fund derives income for the College, generated from interest and investment of our donors' contributions. This provides a long-term return to the College beyond the original value of the gift, securing our ability to meet our needs for the future.
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