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"As someone from a lower-income household, the Cambridge bursary grant was really appreciated, and gave me peace of mind financially."

(Erin, m.2018)

Christ’s College is committed to attracting the brightest students regardless of their financial background.

An average undergraduate on a 3 year course will graduate having spent £56,760 on their education. This then has an impact on future career plans, and means that the decision to undertake further study is more difficult

The Student Support Fund ensures the College can continue to offer assistance to those who face financial difficulty as a result of their studies.

Last academic year around £396,990 was awarded to undergraduates and £337,320 to graduates, ranging from bursaries of a few thousand pounds to scholarships worth in excess of £20,000. We also provide book grants, travels grants, grants for graduate students to attend and speak at conferences, support for students with disabilities, and support for students who find themselves in unexpected hardship. 

We have an outreach and access programme for admissions, seeking to encourage and inspire applications from those who would not otherwise consider Cambridge. We aim to support these students if they are successful in gaining a place at Christ's, and indeed all students in need, whatever their background and route to Christ's.