Chief Simeon Adebo

Simeon Adebo matriculated at Christ’s in 1948, undertaking the Colonial Second Devonshire Service course, and was later known for being one of the pioneers of the Nigerian Civil Service.

Born in Western Nigeria, he became an Okanlomo (Chief) of the Yoruba people. After obtaining a law degree from the London School of Economics and being admitted to the bar, he continued his career at the Nigerian Ministry of Finance and the Treasury and in 1961 he became head of the Civil Service and Chief Secretary to the Government of Western Nigeria.

In 1962, Chief Adebo moved to New York to serve as the Nigerian Permanent Representative to the United Nations. After serving as Ambassador, in 1969 he was appointed United Nations Deputy Secretary General and Director General of UNITAR.

At the end of the Civil war in 1970, the Nigerian government established the Salaries and Wages Commission, which was headed by Chief Adebo, and became known as The Adebo Commission. He was actively engaged in targeting the promotion of democratic values and the enhancement of the effectiveness of development policies. He headed several corporations as well as the National Universities Commission and the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies. He was Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University 1982-1984 and Chancellor of Lagos University 1984-1992.

He was the author of two books: Our Unforgettable Years (1984), and Our International Years (1988), both of which can be found in the College Library.