Chris Mason

Chris Mason is a TV and radio Journalist who was born in Steeton with Eastburn, West Yorkshire. He matriculated at Christ’s in 1998 and read Geography.

Mason started his career at ITN in 2001 as a trainee in broadcast journalism. After a year, he moved to BBC Newcastle and then to the BBC regional desk at Westminster and then went to Brussels for two years to serve as Europe Correspondent. For a short time he was a political reporter on BBC Radio 5 Live. He then became a Political Correspondent for BBC News in 2012.

In 2018, Mason presented the BBC Radio 4 documentary, Could the PM Have a Brummie Accent? In 2019, he presented BBC Radio 4 documentary, The Country vs the City. Later in 2019, he was appointed chair of BBC Radio 4 debate programme, Any Questions?

In 2017, Mason began presenting the podcast, Brexitcast, and from September 2019 to January 2020, Brexitcast was also broadcast on BBC One. The podcast was renamed Newscast after Brexit occurred in January 2020. It was then renamed again during the COVID-19 pandemic to The Coronavirus Newscast, also known as Coronacast.

Mason also occasionally appears on BBC Breakfast and became well-known for his viral comment about Brexit on the show in 2018: “So where are we in all of this Brexit process? To be quite honest, looking at things right now, I haven't got the foggiest idea what is going to happen in the coming weeks. Is the Prime Minister going to get a deal with the EU? Dunno! Is she going to be able to get it through the Commons? Don't know about that, either. I think you might as well get Mr Blobby back on to offer his analysis, because, frankly, I suspect his is now as good as mine", which was picked up by the Washington Post and HBO in the US, and dubbed into French by newspaper, Le Parisien.