For the Love of Trees

By Vicky Allen (m. 1989)


For the Love of Trees book cover

Beech, birch, ash, sycamore, oak.
Maple, mango, hawthorn, cherry.
Scots pine and Japanese cedar . . .
The company of trees is different from
that of any other living thing.

This is a story of the humans who love trees.

From tree sitters to nature lawyers, from climbers to climate strikers, from planters to pruners, from forest therapists to trauma survivors, from city gardeners to rewilders. These are voices of passion, sorrow, anger, nurture, solace and wonder.

Trees are our past and our present – our future, too. FOR THE LOVE OF TREES is about why trees matter and what we owe them. It’s about our humanity, our devotion and our sheer awe.

Vicky Allan is an award-winning journalist and author. A staff writer for the Herald on Sunday, her work has also appeared in The Times, Daily Express, Vogue, GQ, the Guardian and Scotland on Sunday. She has won awards for her travel-writing, features writing and for her articles campaigning against violence against women. Her novel Stray is currently being adapted as a feature film. She has always loved the outdoors and wild places.

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