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The King Street Redevelopment Fund

A state-of-the-art court for Christ's

A key part of the Christ's College experience is the ability to live on the main College site. Students living here are able to integrate more fully into College life and make the most of their time here. Uniquely among city centre colleges, we have the possibility of creating a new court which will complete the domus site.

Proposed New Development

The new development will be located next to New Court with access to King Street. It will accommodate around 80 students in en-suite study bedrooms, as well as providing a number of communal rooms for supervisions, music, and meetings. Retail space on the King Street side will enable the College to generate an income stream to help support our activities.

The development will be in the region of £8m, and has been designed by Berman Guedes Stretton, with a court design which will look into the College, adding to the sequence of courts and gardens that makes Christ's so special.

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Development Director
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