The Development Office wants to make it easy for you to connect with Christ's and the friends you made here.

We aim to provide a variety of ways for you to do this, including our Events Programme, College Publications, and social media.

Our Year Group Representatives are a group of volunteers who have kindly agreed to help year groups stay in touch with each other and with the College. The role involves communicating with their peers about events and news and collating year group news for the Annual College Magazine.

We hope you will enjoy using the new Discussion Group to kick off conversations amongst the rest of the alumni community! You might want to relive College Memories or perhaps you have an ideas for a new alumni event. 

A number of our alumni are 'Lost Alumni'. If you know anyone on the list please do ask them to get in touch with us so we can make them 'found' again!

A number of alumni have generously offered careers support opportunities for current students and recently graduated alumni. You can view the careers support directory of these opportunities here.

You can also use the Job Board if you would like to post a job for other alumni to view.


Contacting College friends

The first port of call for contacting College friends is to see whether you can find their details on the Directory.


If the person you would like to contact has not made their email address visible, you can contact the Development Office and we will be happy to forward your message on to its intended recipient. Please note though, that due to data protection laws we cannot give out any contact details.