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Over the past two years, in answer to the issues of the pandemic, we have been focussed on one particular pillar of our Campaign: Enhancing College Life, with the goal of making our students' Cambridge experience as normal as possible, even with government restrictions.


Moving into the 'New Normal'

From the two marquees we put up in Second Court for Graduations and Matriculations, to the £25,708 spent on student computer facilities in the last Financial Year, we have worked to ensure that teaching and learning can continue, uninterrupted, alongside all the important events in College life. But, as our income has dropped by £2.7 million since the pandemic began, it will be your support that allows us to continue to advance, and expand, our charitable aims.  

Protecting the College Community

Through Lockdown, and beyond, our top priority has been the safety of everyone who lives and works on the Christ's site. This has ranged from physical aid, through purchasing PPE for staff and students, to pastoral care, such as an increase in therapy provisions - going from £50,000 in counselling provided in 2019, to £80,000 in both 2020 and 2021. Even before Michaelmas term, students were given resources and room to quarantine in College before their studies began.



Making the Shift Online

One of the biggest changes that COVID-19 triggered was making education, and much of everyday life, virtual. With £44,000 invested into our servers, to ensure the College internet could handle the increased pressure caused by changes, our focus was ensuring staff and students could engage with the Christ's experience remotely. We also provided the 20% top-up of the government's scheme for furloughed staff, so they received their full pay through the pandemic.

All of this work was funded from our General Annual Funds, a source of expendable income that can be used to meet Christ's priorities as and when they emerge. We are now asking for your support, so that we can continue to do this throughout this Academic year, and beyond.

A message from the Master, Professor Jane Stapleton

The past eighteen months have been some of the toughest in recent memory for Christ’s – but also a time that I felt most proud of our College community, and how every member, old and new, has pulled together to support each other.

Indeed, ‘Once a member of Christ’s, always a member of Christ’s’ is a saying I use often, and nothing has brought this home more clearly than the manner in which alumni have responded to this unprecedented crisis. From the overwhelming generosity displayed in the Telephone Campaign, to the kind messages and pledges we have received from across the globe, it is truly heartening to see the commitment to the College’s goals and future through this difficult time.

Now, I ask you to consider making a gift to support our students as they continue, and in some cases begin, their education here this Michaelmas term, so that we can ensure the newest generation of our Christ’s community can thrive here, as those before them have.