Sir Hans Kornberg Travel Prize

Sir Hans Kornberg was admitted to the Christ's Fellowship in 1975, in the same year that he was elected to the Sir William Dunn Chair of Biochemistry at the University, and became the 34th Master of the College in 1982, remaining as such until his retirement in 1995.

Sir Hans was a prominent Biochemist, even continuing to teach at Boston University following his retirement from Cambridge, his major research field being the nature and regulation of carbohydrate transport in micro-organisms, leading to over 250 papers published in professional journals, alongside 11 honorary doctorates.

Sir Hans sadly passed away on Monday 16 December 2019, and he will be missed by all at Christ's


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Development Director

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The Sir Hans Kornberg Travel Prize was established to mark his retirement as Master, and enables an undergraduate or graduate in the biological sciences to travel abroad in the summer vacation to learn about, and gain experience in, research methods in the biological sciences.

If you are interested in supporting the Prize, please contact the Development Director, Catherine Twilley, at, or make a donation via our online giving page.