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Two of the major foci of our Campaign for Christ's, since its inception, have been our goals of Attracting the Best, and Enhancing College Life. In order to achieve this, we have developed a number of programmes, listed below, all coming together under the umbrella of the Christ's Student Support Initiative. These funds allow us to ensure that students at Christ's can make the most of their time at the College, and at Cambridge, able to engage in every aspect of their course and extracurricular activities without the pressure of financial worries.


The main focus of our Student Support Initiative is our bursary programme (also known as the Student Support Fund), which provides the financial support needed to attract and inspire the best and brightest students to apply to Christ's. This fund provides needs-based support, ranging from the Cambridge Bursary, means-tested rent bursaries for accommodation costs, and even emergency funding for students who run into financial difficulties during their courses. 

Clubs & Sporting Awards

An important part of our students' education is the development, and recognition, of their extra-curricular activities. Through subsidies for student societies, along with a wide variety of awards for students that help fund their sporting expenses, the College offers support so that these interests can be developed without financial constraints limiting our students' achievements.

Student Welfare

Christ's is committed to providing whatever resources are needed to assist and guide our students throughout their time at the College. Through our student welfare funds, not only do we support our students with pastoral tutors, but we can offer direct financial aid, in the form of Hardship Grants, to those who might otherwise find it difficult to complete their course.

Research, Travel, & Book Grants

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide variety of grants to enable students to explore their subjects in more depth: ranging from support to attend academic conferences, to funds for travel abroad as part of dissertation research, as well as book grants for all first year students, to help them afford the core texts for their courses. 

Over the 2018-19 Academic Year, your support helped us raise over £573,000 for these funds, which in turn contributed to the nearly £1 million we spent via the Student Support Initiative. Please help us to continue making a difference, by supporting these causes into the future.

And for first-time donors, there has never been a better time to make a gift, thanks to the Harding Challenge; £20 million of funding for the University that is unlocked, pound for pound, from donations from first time supporters. To learn more, please visit our Harding Challenge page.

To learn more about any of these funds, or if you have any questions about the Student Support Initiative, please feel free to contact the Development Office at, or phone us on 01223334919