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March 21st - April 3rd

"Your support has made a tangible difference to my academic and extra-curricular experience at Christ's College and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities which the financial aid has facilitated throughout my time at university." - Current Undergraduate Bursary Recipient

Read the Student Support Appeal Online

Read the CCBC Appeal Online 

UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that the College has raised over £265,000 in pledges and donations over the next three years from the Campaign - a transformative total, that will allow the College to ensure that all of our students can make the most of their time at Christ's, both academically and outside the classroom. Thank you so much to everyone who participated, it will really change the lives of our students. If you would still like to make a gift, to be put towards the Campaign, you can use the links above.

This Easter Vacation, we will once again be running our annual Telephone Campaign, with our student callers taking to the phones to get in contact with you, our alumni. They will be asking about your time at Christ's and current work, whilst providing an update on College in these tough times.

As part of this, they will also ask you for your support for our Student Support Initiative. The funds provided allow Christ's to continue to attract and support the brightest students, regardless of their financial background.

With rising inflation and a decrease in real-term governmental support for students, it is vital that the College is able to support students in all aspects of their lives in Cambridge. In recent years the Student Support Initiative has been used for:

The College is committed to supporting our students outside the classroom, as well as in it, so in this year's Campaign we are launching a fundraising appeal for Christ's College Boat Club, a key part of the College's extracurricual offerings.

30 alumni giving £20 per month for five years will enable us to purchase a new eight!

W1 won blades in May Bumps in 2022, and the Headship in 2015, but in order to build upon the success of the Club donations are vital. The maintenance and renewal of our fleet can only be done with your support for this historic Christ's institution.

We are hoping to raise £230,000 from calling, a total that would allow us to continue expanding our support for the Christ's community; so please, consider making a donation when a student calls in the coming weeks. Your generosity now will make a real difference to the lives of our students for generations to come.

If you have any questions about the Campaign, or would like to schedule a time for your chat, please contact Sebastian Peel on 01223 768276, or by email at
Our Student Callers 2023

A telephone campaign caller headshot: a dark haired young man wearing a red polo shirt

Georgia is smiling head-on at the camera. There is a sandstone wall behind her, with colourful curtains. She is a white cis-gender woman, has chest-length blonde hair, and is wearing a grey sweater.


2nd year Maths


2nd year Psychiatry PhD


1st year Composition PhD

A young white, cis-man looking face on at the camera, smiling. Jamie has tousled brown hair, and is wearing a beige and green jacket over a blue v-neck sweater. He is standing in front of a sandstone wall.

 Kirstie is smiling head-on at the camera. There is a light grey background for her headshot. She is a white cis-gender woman, has chest-length brown hair, rectangular glasses, a round face, brown eyes, long red earrings, and is wearing a multi-coloured floral dress.

A young woman with dark brown hair, wearing purple, and standing in front of a tree with yellow flowers


3rd year Engineering


1st year History PhD


2nd year History

A young white woman with reddish brown hair standing against a stone wall, wearing a red jumper and blue overalls



2nd year HSPS


3rd year Astrophysics


1st year Law

A young man with dark hair in a grey hoody standing in front of a stone wall

A young, bald white man in an orange jumper, standing in front of a stone wall


3rd year Law


6th year Medicine


2nd year Law

Will, a young cis-gender white man, facing head-on and smiling at the camera. He has short, dark brown hair, glasses, and is wearing a light brown sheepskin coat.

A photo of a young woman sitting in a cafe, wearing a green coat and scarf

 A young, cis-white man with dark hair falling over his temples, facing head on to the camera. Yuri is wearing a dark blue sweater, standing in front of a sandstone wall.


2nd year Economics


2nd year MML


2nd year Linguistics