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Christ's College Telephone Campaign


Every year, during the Easter vacation, current Christ's students take to the phones to get in touch with you, our alumni: to let you know what is going on at the College, invite you to events, and show what a difference you could make with a donation.

Every gift to the Telephone Campaign is a gift towards our Campaign for Christ's, focussed on the Student Support Fund - helping us to provide bursaries for the best and brightest through their time at Christ's, and ensuring that all our students can thrive at Cambridge without the burden of financial worries - or our General Funds - matching the College's current priorities, especially important following COVID-19. With your support we have been able to develop this further and further, as we currently provide over £650,000 in grants to graduates and undergraduates every year, alongside thousands of pounds spent on other elements of the student experience, and future campaigns will allow us to continue expanding this figure.

Gifts to our Telephone Campaigns provide for...

Living Costs

Sudden Expenses

Extracurricular Opportunities

Our students are passionate about taking part in calling, some of them joining the call team year after year. Many of them are recipients of bursary support themselves, and know what a difference this makes to their time at Christ's.  

'I really love getting to talk to people who've lived really interesting lives and loved their time in College- especially those who are really supportive of the cause'

Below is an archive of our past Campaigns and successes, showing how every gift in the Campaign adds up to have a much larger impact. Of course, you can still make a donation to our Student Support Fund outside of calling by clicking the link here.  

Telephone Campaign 2021

Callers- 16

Alumni called- 722

Amount raised- £399,033

Telephone Campaign 2020

Callers- 11


Amount raised from follow-up mailing- £55,445

Telephone Campaign 2019

Callers- 12

Alumni called- 459

Amount raised- £239,869

Telephone Campaign 2018

Callers- 14

Alumni called- 690

Amount raised- £302,750

Telephone Campaign 2017

Callers- 16

Alumni called- 820

Amount Raised- £207,123

Telephone Campaign 2016

Callers- 16

Alumni called- 780

Amount Raised- £236,440

Telephone Campaign 2015

Callers- 16

Alumni called- 711

Amount Raised- £220,515

Telephone Campaign 2014

Callers- 14

Alumni called- 602

Amount Raised- £181,725

Telephone Campaign 2013

Callers- 16

Alumni called- 680

Amount Raised- £227,490

Telephone Campaign 2012

Callers- 16

Alumni called- 715

Amount Raised- £270,928

Additionally, we often run matched gift programmes during our Campaigns, allowing many donations to go even further by matching them. Each one of these matching gift funds have been provided by generous alumni, who are interested in encouraging wider donations to the College and increasing the difference their gift makes. If you are interested in learning more about matched gifts, or providing a matched gift fund, please contact Catherine Twilley on 01223 748 856, or via e-mail.