The Politics of Religion and the Rise of Social Catholicism in Peru (1884-1935): Faith, Workers and Race before Liberation Theology by Ricardo Cubas Ramacciotti (m. 1999)


In this book, Ricardo Cubas Ramacciotti provides a lucid synthesis of the Catholic Church’s responses to the secularisation on the State and society whilst offering a fresh appraisal of the emergence of Social Catholicism and its contributions to social thought and development of civil society in post-independence Peru. Making use of diverse historical sources, Cubas provides a comprehensive view of a reformist yet anti-revolutionary trend within the Peruvian Church that, decade before the emergence of Liberation Theology and under divergent intellectual paradigms, developed an active agenda that addresses the new social problems of the country, including those of urban workers, and of indigenous populations.

Ricardo D. Cubas Ramacciotti is currently Associate Professor of Latin America History at the Universidad de los Andes (Chile) and has published on various aspects of Latin American political and religious history.