Words that Touch by Nick Pole (m. 1972)


The use of Clean Language in therapeutic practice emphasises a simple but highly effective questioning style between patient and practitioner. Nick Pole has written this practical guide which explains the philosophy and practice of how to use language to get to the heart of a physical problem, to engage the mind in the process of the body, and to create somatic change. The Clean Language technique is simple and accessible, and can be applied to a range of therapies that deal with the mind and body. Nick provides compelling theoretical explanations and practical case studies to describe the importance of language and relationships in the practice of mind/body therapies. Practitioners of yoga, shiatsu, acupuncture, physiotherapy, The Feldenkrais Technique and more will find this guide transformative in increasing the connection with clients and developing their practice through language.

Nick Pole has been a mind-body therapist for over 25 years, and discovered Clean Language after training in shiatsu and NLP. Nick is based in London.

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