Alumni Publications


We always like to hear about the achievements of our alumni. We are delighted to be kept up to date with current projects and below are some links to recent publications by alumni. If you would like your publication to be added to be added to this page, please email us at

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Semantics and Cultural Change in the British Enlightenment: New Words and Old by Carey McIntosh (m. 1957)

Under the Tump by Oliver Balch (m. 1999)

British Saws and Sawmakers from c. 1660 by Simon Barley (m. 1959)

We are all Flourishing by Jan Chojecki (m. 1976)

Cambridgeshire Kitcheners: A History of 11th (Service) Battalion (Cambs) Suffolk Regiment by Joanna Costin (m. 2010)

Telescopes: A Very Short Introduction by Geoff Cottrell (m. 1973)

The Politics of Religion and the Rise of Social Catholicism in Peru (1884-1935): Faith, Workers and Race before Liberation Theology by Ricardo Cubas Ramacciotti (m. 1999

Stealing Dylan from Woodstock by Ray Foulk (m. 1985)

Being Simon Haines by Tom MacAulay (m. 1999)

Lake District Tail Running by Helen Mort (m. 2004)

Reinventing the Wheel: Milk, Microbes, and the Fight for Real Cheese by Francis Percival (m. 1996)

George Lance: Victorian Master of Still Life by John Radcliffe (m. 1959)

The Pagoda Tree by Claire Scobie (m. 1991)

Letters to Strabo by David Smith (m. 1980) 

Living with Alzheimer's - a love story by Robin Thomson (m. 1962)

Words that Touch by Nick Pole (m. 1972)

Collected Poems 1955 - 2015 by John Woolley (m. 1975)