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Telephone Campaign 2020

Tuesday 17th to Tuesday 31st March

UPDATE - Following the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic, our students were advised to return home from Christ’s as soon as possible. For this reason, after finishing training on 17th March and assessing the situation, we made the decision not to proceed to calling as part of our annual Telephone Campaign.

Our intention is to run the Telephone Campaign again later this year, with the aim of supporting all our students, especially those who have been financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

We hope that you are staying safe in this difficult time, and thank you for your patience.

Over the Easter Vacation, a team of twelve current students will be picking up the phone to call you, as Christ's alumni, in order to learn about your experiences, to discuss with you about what is going at the College, and to ask for you to consider making a gift to our current fundraising priority: the Student Support Initiative.

The Student Support Initiative is an umbrella fund, covering every aspect of the student experience at Christ's. As part of our Campaign for Christ's, gifts to this intiaitive enable us to meet our goals of 'Attracting the Best', and 'Enhancing College Life', through supporting our outstanding undergraduate and graduate students during their time at the College, no matter their background, and enabling them to excel in whichever fields they choose to engage with.

The money raised as part of calling is essential for us to continue providing, and expand, our current level of support, which will allow our students to thrive here at Christ's, without the burden of financial difficulties.

Giving as part of the Telephone Campaign really helps your support go further, pooling together to have a real impact on the lives of our students, and being matched by other generous alumni. This year, alumnus James Emmett (m. 1991) has kindly agreed to match the first year of direct debit donations from all non-donors, and the first three years of giving (up to a value of £900 per donor) from those under 28. In addition, any gifts from new donors during the Campaign will count towards the Harding Challenge, meaning that there has never been a better time to give to student support at Christ's.

Our Telephone Campaign in Numbers

Alumni to be called - 800

Total we hope to raise - £220,000

Number of Callers - 12
Calling days - 14

Letters, emails, and postcards are currently on their way to those who are due to be called in the Campaign; we hope you are looking forward to your call as much as the students are!

You can read the Campaign leaflet here; and If you would like to give a donation to our Student Support Initiative now, please consider following this link to do so.

Our 2020 Calling Team-

Alice Maynard

Second Year - History

Amara Morrin

Third Year - Economics 

Charlie Newton

Third Year - Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion

Eebbaa Elfneh

Second Year - History and Modern Languages

Esme Cavendish

Third Year - English

Ethan Dodds

Fourth Year - Modern and Medieval Lanugages

Francois Charmaille

MPhil - European, Latin American, and Comparative Literatures

Gréta Tóth

Second Year - Architecture

Hemma Jari

Second Year - Modern and Medieval Languages

Hollie Wright

Second Year- Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion

Kiera Messenger

First Year - Geography

Susannah Hardstaff

First Year - Philosophy

If you have been contacted, and would like to opt out from calling this year, please contact Robert Smith by email, or call 01223 334 919.