The two week Campaign, taking place from 10-25 April, will be run remotely this year - with break days on both Fridays (16 and 23 April). Call sessions will take place in the evenings during the week, during the day on Saturdays, and in the afternoon on Sundays.

There will be no duties outside training and calling, making it ideal to fit around Vacation activities and study.

There are also a number of perks for callers taking part:

  • £10 an hour pay- around £580 for the entire Campaign 
  • Useful work experience, including online training with industry experts that can be referenced in CVs
  • Conversations with alumni who are leaders in their field, which can lead to other opportunities
  • And your very own, exclusive Telephone Campaign hoodie - mailed directly to your door!

All equipment necessary for undertaking the Campaign, including a laptop and headset, will be provided for the duration of calling. All callers will require is a stable internet connection (to be tested around interviews), and a personal device capable of connecting to Zoom for training and supervision.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this year's Campaign, we will only be able to accept callers who can guarantee that they will be in the UK for the period of calling.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Robert Smith on