Christ's annual Telephone Campaign will be running from 10-25 April, and we would love to see you on the team! 

Every Easter we run our annual Telephone Campaign, and Christ's relies on students to man the phones, ring up our alumni and ask them for their support. Every donation raised in the campaign goes towards our Student Support Initiative, which covers bursaries and hardship grants; meaning that, by taking part, you are helping ensure everyone at Christ's can enjoy their Cambridge experience.

With opportunities for deep conversations with leading figures in their fields, earning money over the holiday whilst staying in Cambridge, and getting involved with the College, we hope that you will join the many Christ's students who have already taken part.

Click the links above, or visit our Telephone Campaign page, to find out more- and if you have any questions, contact Robert Smith by email, or drop into our office in Staircase V, Room 2.