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E-newsletter Winter 2018

Welcome to the Winter issue of the e-newsletter

It has been a busy end to the Michaelmas Term, with the usual "Bridgemas" festivities for the students and the Christmas decorations up in the Porters' Lodge well before the end of November! Most recently, the College has been buzzing with interview candidates, who have been looked after by some of our current students, but now things are starting to get quieter as everyone gets ready for the holiday.

Do look at the list below of events coming up in College next term. We would be delighted to welcome you back to Christ's!

Celebrating Forty Years of Women at Christ's

Our initiatives to mark the 40th Anniversary of the admission of women to Christ's, both as graduate students in 1978 and as undergraduates in 1979, have continued this term. At the Commemoration of Benefactors Chapel Service earlier this month, we were delighted to welcome Jill Duff (m. 1990), Bishop of Lancaster, as the Preacher on this important occasion. It was a special pleasure that both Jill and her husband, Jeremy (m. 1990), were able to return to the Chapel where they were married.

The Chaplain and Jill Duff

At the Service, we were privileged to hear the premiere of "This day, good Lord", composed by Annabel Rooney (m. 1991), and specially commissioned for this service by Professor Peter Cane (Senior Research Fellow) in honour of Professor David Rowland and Chapel musicians past, present and future, and in celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the admission of women students. The words are taken from The Imitation of Christ, Book IV, chapter ix, by St Thomas à Kempis, translated by Lady Margaret Beaufort.

Peter Cane, Annabel Rooney, and David Rowland

The Admission of Scholars

Following the success in the Tompkins Table this summer, the Master admitted a bumper set of Scholars at the ceremony at the end of term. Congratulations to everyone! 

News from the Old Library

The Library exhibition, "The Secrets of Life: Scientists, Mathematicians, and the Hunt for Answers", examines some of the ground-breaking work in medical sciences, astronomy, and mathematics that has led to our current understanding of what life is and how to maintain it. While the exhibition features treasured texts such as first editions of Galileo's Siderus Nuncius (with the first published observations of the heavens through a telescope) and of Darwin's On the Origin of Species, it also exhibits never-before-seen material from former students and academic staff on pioneering work in fighting disease and in processing DNA, increasing our comprehension of the building blocks of life. The exhibition is open to the public Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00-4:00pm, but alumni may visit at other times by appointment (please email:

Down at the Bottom of the Garden...


The gardeners are hard at work in Third Court to enhance the design and planting, specifically looking at reducing the hard landscaping in favour of soft landscaping, and introducing a greater variety of planting for all seasons. The plans include three defined small lawns, which will provide a soft surface for members of College to walk on and enjoy, and a small raised pond. The space is already well-used by students, and the enhancements will make this Court an even more enjoyable place to spend time. 

Don't forget that you can leave a comment or suggest a topic for the Gardening Diary on our online alumni NetCommunity pages here. Please log on and select 'Discussion Groups' from the Alumni Community drop down menu. If you have forgotten your password then click 'forgotten password' and follow the instructions. We'd love to hear from you!   



19 January: Inspirational Women Dinner for students

30 January: Lady Margaret Lecture, given by Professor Naomi Lamoreaux

5 March: Meade Lecture, given by Professor Elhanan Helpman of Harvard University

14 March: Alumni Evensong

30 March: MA Congregation Day



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