02 March 2015

Forthcoming alumni events


7 March: Joint Medical Alumni and Medical Students Meeting

10 March: Distinguished Speaker Dinner

28 March: MA Congregation for Alumni who matriculated in 2008

11 April: JCR Dinner for former Presidents of the JCR

18 April: Hippolytans Sports Day and Alumni Dinner

Spring blooms in Second Court

Blue skies over the Fellows' Building          

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From the Master

Professor Frank Kelly, Master of Christ's College

Welcome to the spring e-newsletter!

I am delighted to report that our first Women's VIII is now Head of the Lents for the first time ever.  The Lent Bumps took place last week and saw Christ's W1 bump Downing, First and Third and Emmanuel to take the Headship.  We are all very proud of their achievement and a large crowd congregated in Third Court to mark the occasion on Saturday night.  To burn a derelict wooden boat is traditional following a Headship, and this was our first for 183 years!

This month marks the start of our annual Telephone Campaign for 2015. Details of the campaign are below and, as many of you know, it helps students to take full advantage of their opportunities during their time here.  I do hope that you enjoy talking to a current student over the two weeks of calling.

Those of you visiting College will notice the work on our buildings and gardens.  The Hall's roof of Colleyweston stone slate is being repaired, and the gardens in Third Court are being replanted to a redesign which will be the subject of an article in the next edition of Pieces.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of our recent news below.

Frank Kelly


Great British Railway Journeys



The College recently featured in the BBC2 documentary Great British Railway Journeys, presented by Michael Portillo. The final episode of the series looked into the early life of Charles Darwin and featured many shots of the College grounds, the Library and Darwin's rooms.

Former Bye-Fellow of College and Dr Darwin expert, Dr John Van Wyhe has also recently published a new book about the life of Darwin. Entitled Charles Darwin in Cambridge: The Most Joyful Years, the book is based on new research and gives an unprecendented insight into Darwin's time at Cambridge, as a student and beyond.



College Telephone Campaign 2015


This year's Telephone Campaign will run from 16 - 29 March. The call team has already been selected and we are delighted to have recruited such an excellent group of committed and interested students who all share a genuine desire to do their bit for Christ's. Last year Christ's awarded over £600,000 in student support and the regular support of alumni making gifts to the Student Support fund ensures that no student should face undue financial hardship as a result of their studies.

We wish the team the best of luck for a very successful campaign.                         

Christ's College Alumni Golf Society


The golf season will begin in earnest soon and the initial matches of the Golf Society are then only weeks away.

15 May 2015: Christ's vs St John's, Cambridge at Berkhamstead Golf Club

1 June 2015: Christ's vs St Peter's, Oxford at Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club

If you would like more information or to book a place to play, please contact John Sefton (m.1958) at john.sefton142@btinternet.com

Harold Abrahams' Varsity Records


In the early 1930s, Harold Abrahams of Chariots of Fire fame, was responsible for writing a book on the Oxford v Cambridge Varsity matches in all sports from their beginning (cricket in 1827) up to 1930. The book recorded the Blues from both universities in all men's sports. Unfortunately, these records have not been maintained and since then there have been important changes such as the introduction of women's sports and the number of sports played at Varsity level. John Marks, a Fellow at Girton College is currently trying to update these records. The initial focus will be on women's and mixed sports before moving onto men's records. If you have any information that would help John in his research, please contact him on jm106@cam.ac.uk.


Christ's College Choir Tour


This summer the College Chapel Choir will embark on a tour to Singapore and both islands of New Zealand, following on from the success of last year's tour to Canada. The choir is still looking for members of local communities to help with suggestions of venues and hosting choir members. Anyone who is willing to help can email the tour organisers at christschoir@gmail.com. We would also welcome financial support and sponsorship for the tour.  Please contact Andrew Aistrup (aja45@cam.ac.uk) for more information.

More information on the tour can be found here.


2015 History Essay Prize Competition


The prizewinners with their Parents

A prize-giving presentation was held in College on Tuesday 17 February for the inaugural History Essay Prize Competition. The competition was open to all Year 12 students who were asked to produce an essay of no more than 2,500 words on one of four set questions. The standard was extremely high so congratulations to the winners.

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