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Telephone Campaign 2021


Monday 12th to Sunday 25th April

UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that the College has raised over £399,033 in pledges and donations over the next three years from the Campaign - a transformative total, that will help us continue protecting the Christ's community as the pandemic continues, and beyond. Thank you so much for everyone who participated, it will really change the lives of our students. If you would still like to make a gift, to be put towards the Campaign, you can still use the links above.

This year marks the first time the Christ's Telephone Campaign will take place remotely, with a team of sixteen current students picking up the phones, in order to connect with the Christ's community after this difficult year. They will share news about how the College has adapted to the pandemic, invite you to upcoming online events, discuss with you their future plans, and, just as importantly, seek your support for our General Annual Fund.

Our General Annual Fund has three major purposes; supporting our Campaign for Christ's goals, ensuring the day-to-day running of the College by funding our priorities, and, most crucially in the current climate, meeting unexpected expenditures, as and when they emerge.

During the pandemic, our General Annual Fund has been essential for allowing Christ's students to continue their education: through hardship grants to return home, support for laptops and internet upgrades for accessing online learning, as well as the provision of counselling and mental health resources. Moreover, with around 100 of our students still in residence during Lent Term, due to varied circumstances, this Fund allowed us to provide for all students who remained at Christ's, through both quarantine and self-isolation,

For our staff, the General Annual Fund not only allowed them to provide teaching, via infrastructure upgrades and support in moving resources online, it also ensured that those on furlough received their full pay, to prevent them facing financial difficulties from Covid-19. This has only been possible thanks to the generosity of our alumni - and it is for this reason we will be calling this Easter, so that we can keep providing this level of support for all at Christ's.

44 Digital Gateway Grants made to students from deprived backgrounds


Drop in income of around £2.5 million since last March, with loss of conferences

Projected increase in counselling costs of around 20-30% this Academic Year


£10,300 spent on masks for students, which comes alongside other PPE

We are hoping to raise over £200,000 from this Campaign, which will be vital to continue our support for the College community; not only through the current pandemic, but for generations to come.

‘When my mother unexpectedly lost her job earlier this year, it was the proactive and reassuring support of my personal tutor to secure funding that enabled me to pay rent this term. Financial matters became an additional concern on top of everything else, and College's assistance and generosity made a huge difference - both materially and emotionally.’

Current Christ's Undergraduate

Letters, emails, and postcards are currently on their way to those who are due to be called in the Campaign; we hope you take this opportunity to continue your connection with Christ's.

You can read the Campaign leaflet here; and if you would like to make a donation now, you can follow this link to do so. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news from the Campaign.

Our 2021 Calling Team-

Andrea Ortega Segundo

MPhil - Engineering for Sustainable Development

Camille McCarthy

First Year - Modern and Medieval Languages

Chater Paul Jordan

Third Year - History of Art

Daniel Pereira

First Year - English

Emma Parker

Second Year - Linguistics

Georgie Moore

MPhil - Modern British History

Hollie Wright

Third Year - History

Jasmine Xie

Third Year - History of Art

Kathryn Phillips

Fourth Year - Classics

Mary Osbourne

Second Year- Human, Social, and Political Sciences

Nikhil Scott

Third Year - History

Noah Hatchwell

First Year - Human, Social, and Political Sciences

Olivia Railton

Third Year - English

Pippa Prendergast-Coates

Second Year - English

Sophie Clare

First Year - Modern and Medieval Languages

Zainab Athumani

First Year - History

If you have been contacted, and would like to opt out from calling this year, please contact Robert Smith by email, or call 01223 334 919.